Thursday, December 6, 2012

An uninvited guest

This experience has probably happened to many of us in our lives, and most often more than once, but at least in my opinion, it’s never a good experience.

The day when you discover that you have an uninvited, furry house guest creeping throughout your house.

There can be many signs that this little intruder is invading your space, such as his little black rice size packages that he leaves behind, shredded fabric that he so carefully worked at to build a nest, or in my instance, just the sound of him scratching, crawling, and tearing at something in my ceiling above my kitchen.  EEEEEK!

Now, most of you know that I am a true lover of animals, and even mice are cute, but not when they are living in my ceiling! That’s when all bets are off!

Here’s the real problem though. I really don’t even know if it is a mouse that I am hearing. I have no other signs of this little guy, so it could even be something much bigger like a raccoon, or squirrel, but whatever it is, it’s gotta go!!

I have looked at every possible spot that something could have gotten in, and I can’t find anything. I put my cat, who is usually a great mouser, (as well as a great birder, bunny getter, you get the picture…), in the rooms in my house to do some investigative work, but she will have no part of that! Thanks for nothing, Josie!

I have talked to others about what they think I should do next, but the best answer that I seem to be getting is..” yeah, good luck with that!”

Finally, I started looking up pest control companies to get their opinion, but was advised that this could be very expensive, and without them being able to actually hear the little critter scurrying around, it would be very hard to figure out where to go to find this thing. Seriously!

So, I guess it’s back to square one, or square 3000 in my case, as I have apparently not torn apart enough of my house to find where this little intruder has gotten in at. Wish me luck as I continue on my hunt for my uninvited guest!

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  1. I just discovered a dead mouse in our basement last week! I was so thankful it was dead but it didn't stop me from screaming like a crazy person. Now (even though there are traps set) I am terrified to go back down there. Mice fa-reak me out! Good luck!