Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Flu Bug

I wrote this poem on December 21, 1991, when both of my kids were sick with the flu and thought that now would be a good time to post it to my blog since in the last week, all 3 of my grandchildren have had the flu... That dirty little louse!!

'Twas 4 days before Christmas, and all through my house,

the Flu Bug was present, that dirty little louse!

He jumped on my kids and said

"I'll let them go....NOT!"

"I'll make them cough, sleepy, miserable and so hot!"

"You won’t get any peace on earth THIS season!" he said

"Just when you think they're getting better, I'll stick them right back in bed!"

"This is war!" I exclaimed, "Both my barrels are loaded!"

And armed with Lysol, Tylenol, and Vicks, I then gloated

"You're days are numbered here bug so go on now, get out!"

"Christmas will come here and be HAPPY, with you or without!"

Then I heard him exclaim, as Lysol sprayed him out of sight

"You'll see me again, I've only begun the flu fight!"

Monday, November 3, 2014


I swear my sister made me do it!

After vowing that I would never have a Facebook account, I am shocked to admit that I now have one.
Ugh, how did this happen??

Well, let me just tell you how it happened.

My daughter and daughter in law are very good about sending me pictures, but recently, my sister, who just joined Facebook, started telling me about some really cute pictures of my grandchildren that she had seen on my daughters and daughter in laws pages. At first I dismissed it feeling confident that I had been sent said pictures, but realized, that while I did have some of them, I wasn’t getting all of them. Not that I needed all of them, but I have to admit that some of them were pretty darn cute!

Now, being a private person myself, I respect others privacy, so I didn’t pursue it, besides, I made a vow to myself never to have a Facebook account, so I let it go.

But then.... another conversation with my sister, more info on the cute pictures that she was seeing, how easy it is to set up, how you can keep your privacy and on and on, until she wore me down!

Okay, so how to set up an account? It has to be like LinkedIn or Pinterest right, and those were easy to set up.

I am sure that some of you might be wondering, that if like my privacy then why do I have a LinkedIn account and Pinterest page? Well let me defend myself by saying, that there are a lot of Meg Maddens out there, (seriously, look the name up) and my Pinterest page does not have my picture on it, so I feel that I can stay fairly anonymous there. And, as far as LinkedIn goes, well, I am a business woman, and even though my picture is on that, there is not much else. I really just do that to stay connected to the business world and don’t share much about myself.  And, I guess that as long as I am admitting to things, I will also admit that I have a twitter account, although I only set that up to have a Pinterest account, don’t really get the thrill of the whole” tweeting” thing, so it pretty much stays quiet for me.

Whew! So now that I have put that all out there, I feel much better for the confession and I am back to setting up a Facebook account.

An hour on the phone with my sister (who will admit that she is not the most technologically savvy person) and I kind of, sort of, have an account set up. No picture of myself, no real personal info, just an account with a few pictures. So now how to get my daughter and daughter in law set up as my "friends"? Not as easy as I thought, but a lot could be user error too. Okay, probably all was user error.

Anyway, long story short, I did get an account set up and although I broke my own vow, (yes, I am a little ashamed of myself for breaking my vow, thank you very much!) I am happy to see some really cute pictures, and will make a new vow to keep my "friends" list small, and if it becomes a stress in my life, I will delete it in a heartbeat and go back to the old way of getting pictures. And, if I am justifying this to myself, (and believe me I am!) I will be saving my daughter and daughter in law a lot of time in not having to send pictures to me since I can see them myself.

You are welcome girls!