Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In a Mood


I am not sure who made Mother Nature so upset this winter, but I think it’s high time someone had a talk with her to find out.

She has thrown storm after storm, ice, snow, sleet, wind, frigid, bone chilling temperatures to most of this country for the last couple of months, and as she hasn’t done this much damage in the most recent past, obviously something has made her very mad and I think that if we can just clear the air (The air that currently is being ravaged with snow, wind and ice) with her, maybe we can all get on with our lives and have some sort of a normal spring.

The spring that I thought we about to start having given that in the past couple of days she has used her wiley ways and teased us with her above freezing temperatures, bright sunshine and allowed the poor migratory birds to make their way back here with what I am sure was their assumption of the promise of spring too, only to be duped with this crap of a March snow storm. That bitch!

 She must be finding all of this pretty amusing and is giggling at our expense as she watches us shovel, snow blow, plow, slip and slide, bundle up and endure higher than normal heating bills just to keep our houses from having frozen pipes. She has caused us to have to drive like professionals on an obstacle course trying to avoid all of the pot holes and broken water mains all over our streets. Our skin, nails, hair, lips and houses are so dried out, and I say that she seriously needs to stop already!

The crazy thing is that with all of this misery that she has brought to most of us this long winter, she has also brought some of the most beautiful scenes that I have seen in a long time. The way that the wet snow sticks to the branches of the trees and bushes have been breathtakingly beautiful, and the way that the ice fog leaves its layer of frost on everything is amazing, so she must clearly be using her creative side, but for some reason, I guess that is just not enough to get her in a better mood.

So, if we go back to my original statement in that someone has seriously upset her and since we probably will not find out who that is in the near future, than I propose that we all ban together and as with any female, tell her that she is pretty (as evidenced by the artwork in nature left by her snow, frost and ice), funny, (as evidenced by her sense of humor in watching us humans slip on her snowy sidewalks and icy streets) and smart, (as evidenced by her timing of bringing so many of these storms on our weekends, at least here in the Midwest. Truthfully though, this feels a little more facetious than smart, but we don’t need to add any more fuel to the fire, so let’s stick with smart), then maybe, just maybe, we can melt her and she will feel the love for us again and we can all thaw out and finally warm up.

 Hey, it’s worth a shot, nothing else has worked so far!