Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 As my mind reviews all that is ahead of me for the day, I casually step into the elevator
 of my office building on a chilly February morning.
 I am not really paying much attention to anything or anyone around me, and I continue to drift away in thought. The doors to the elevator slowly start to close, and I lean up against the wall of the small room, when suddenly  a hand appears, barely squeezing in between the doors.
 I reach for the "door open" button on the panel, the doors reluctantly open, and a woman steps into the elevator.

We exchange pleasant smiles and the door finally closes. I observe her rushed demeanor, checking her phone for missed calls or emails, clutching her coffee so tightly that I think she might collapse the cardboard cup, and struggling to balance her overloaded briefcase, and large handbag, while standing on 4 inch heel boots.

She is dressed very professionally, very polished. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length, dark brown,  and nicely styled. She is fairly young,  attractive, no later than early 30s, and I notice a large diamond ring on her left hand ring finger. Very sparkley, I make the assumption that she must be newly engaged.

I have to smile to myself. I remember how that woman was me not too long ago, always racing, rushing, trying to climb the corporate ladder. Flying all over the country for meetings, conferences, seminars. Eating at some of the best restaurants, while wining and dining clients at my company’s expense. Always wearing a suit and high heels. Always polished and professional

It was exciting…. For a while. Then it got old, and exhausting. Always having to be “on”, rushed, and travelling so much, that so many times, I would forget what city I was waking up in.

The corporate ladder became higher and higher to climb, and I grew tired of the rules that changed daily, making it almost impossible to reach the highest rung.

My priorities changed too. I no longer felt the need to compete with my peers. I no longer wanted to even be in a corporate environment at all, but as they say, “baby needs new shoes” so until I figure out how I can buy the new shoes for baby, I will continue working for corporate America. Financially, it’s been good to me, so I will do my best while I am still there, but… I won’t ever again rush to catch a plane, or an elevator for that matter, in 4 inch heels.
No, this baby wears comfy shoes now!