Sunday, March 4, 2012

Givers and Takers

There are two kinds of people in this world, givers and takers. 
While there are sub categories in each group, they really start with being a giver or a taker.

A giver is someone who will give willingly, (and without out any thought or expectation of getting anything in return,) their time, money, possessions, or whatever is needed of them to give.

The only thing that a true giver wants is that whatever, or whoever they have given to, benefits from whatever they gave.  That feels so good to know that you have helped someone or something.

A taker is someone who takes anything that anyone is willing, and sometimes not willing to give to them.

The only thing that a true taker wants is whatever, or whoever anyone has to give to them without any thought or expectation of ever returning the favor, paying it forward, or paying someone back. I don’t know what that feels like, but I have to think that it must not have any feeling at all and that is sad to me.
While givers and takers paths cross, just by being who they are, I have observed in my own life as being a giver, that generally, givers and takers are not compatible for long term relationships.

A giver will give until they realize that the taker has not changed, or grown, or learned, or tries to give back. Then a giver will quit giving to that specific taker, and move on.

Givers really want to make a difference in the world and in big and small ways. They will sacrifice their own needs if they feel the passion for a cause, and they will keep giving if they feel that their giving is making a difference and making things better.

A true taker is not someone who takes something in the time of need, and also gives back.

 A true taker just keeps taking and never gives to anyone or anything.

We have so many wonderful givers in this world, but we still need so many more.

I hope that by reading this, you will have identified which category you fall in, and if you realize that you may be a taker, I hope that this changes you to become a giver.

 It’s not difficult to do, does not have to take a lot of time, money or possessions.

 Everyone has something that they can give to help others, and by doing so, It will make you and the world a better place!