Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A better mouse trap, indeed

This is an update on my last blog about my uninvited, and  unwanted guest.

I still cannot locate where the critter(s) have gotten in, so my next decisions was how to get this thing that’s been roaming about in my attic, out of it. I researched all of the various choices to catch it, but finally decided on just the old fashioned mouse trap. I was hoping that it wasn’t anything other and bigger than a mouse, but had to start somewhere, so two traps loaded with peanut butter were strategically placed in my attic, and now I wait.

One day went by and I didn’t hear anything, but then the next evening, I thought that I heard one of them snap! Ugh, I guess that means that now was time to check them. Eeeww, the thought of that is so creepy to me, and the animal lover side of me felt sad if I had indeed trapped the mouse, or whatever it is. What if it was a new momma and had babies up there? I have got to stop thinking like that!  Up to the attic we go and find both mouse traps licked clean, but not set off at all!

So, I fed the critter, but didn’t catch it?? How is that possible?

Round two, same thing, peanut butter on both traps, strategically placed, I wait another day, or two this time. Back to the attic, check the traps, and…. you have got to be kidding me, licked clean again, and not set off, again!!

At this point I think that this critter must be thinking that he that he is now a permanent member of my household since it is obvious that I care enough to feed him not only once, but twice, and not just any peanut butter, but extra crunchy peanut butter.

I need to try another strategy as I start to picture a very large, peanut butter satisfied mouse calling his friends to tell them of his good fortune, and inviting them to move in with him! No way!

Third time, we arm the traps with bacon pieces wrapped around the trigger points and put peanut butter on top of that. He would have to tug to get the bacon off, and surely that would set the trap off and end my problem once and for all.

Two days later, back to the attic to check the traps, and yep, you guessed it, licked clean again and neither one set off!

Unbelievable! Am I really being outsmarted by a rodent?

Obviously the old fashioned traps are not working for me, so back to the store I go in search of a better mouse trap. This time, I look for words on the packaging that state, “Guaranteed to catch, or kill”, and decide that I would take them up on their challenge and guarantee.

One new and improved mouse trap set back in the attic and once again, I wait.

The next day, and the fourth attempt at this, it’s back to the attic to check the new trap.

The package simply reads, “Mouse caught”.

You can’t see the mouse with this new trap, which is good, but the trap felt heavier, so we had to assume that he did indeed get trapped. Whew!

So, I think that my problem is now solved, or, at least I hope it is. But, if some of his friends got to my attic before I found the new improved mouse trap, I will be ready for them with the first attempt this time, and while using only generic, creamy, peanut butter.

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