Monday, April 25, 2016


Writing is something that I have always loved to do. It feels as natural as breathing to me. That is, until I feel like I HAVE to write, then it’s something that feels like it’s suffocating me!
I never thought of it as a love/hate relationship, just a way to get my thoughts about everything down on paper. But lately, since I have been seriously considering making writing an even bigger part of my life, it feels like it has become one of those things. You know, those things you hate to do like cleaning the bathrooms. You don’t want to do it, but you know that you have to, so you eventually get to it, but only after every other chore is done and you have no choice but to suck it up, dive in, and just do it.
Now I am not comparing writing to cleaning toilets by any stretch, because I could not live without writing, but sometimes....
The thing is, my brain always has a million thoughts going on, so I could write 24/7 if I really wanted to, but obviously that is not feasible, nor would it be very interesting, so I find myself mentally discarding, or at the very least, filing many of my thoughts away, hoping that something mind-blowing will enter my head to write about.
Here is my second problem. Even though I write for myself, there is still that little voice that tells me “Yes Meg, you might think that (insert one of my thoughts here) is interesting and amazing, but will the masses?” Now that alone is funny, because I know that there are not masses that are reading my blogs, but still, on the off chance that someone does read it, I would like to at least have something interesting in there. So the battle in my brain rages on.
I loved the Seinfeld show. I can relate. It was a show not about the big things in life, but the everyday moments that make up a normal day. The things that seem so mundane and boring, and yet when written down and acted out, were very entertaining. I think about the writers of that show, and what the scripts must have looked like. I wonder if they knew how successful that show about nothing would become. And the one liners that came from it! “No soup for you!!” But I digress.
So, okay, here’s one big part that I love about writing. Many times when I am in a dilemma and I write about it, I watch the solution reveal itself to me through my writing. And, once again, here it is.
 I guess I need to be like the Seinfeld show and just write. Not worry so much if everyone (You 3 people know who you are, and thank you very much for your faithful reading!) will like everything I write. After all, they are my thoughts, and if they bore you then, you do have the power to just stop reading.
But in all sincerity, my other goal in writing is to share my life, my passions, teach anything that I can from my own life’s experiences, and help anyone that needs it.
So, I write.

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