Friday, October 19, 2012

Letting Nature Take Its Course

I want to start this article off by stating that I am not a doctor and don’t proclaim to be one at all. I respect those in the medical field, and as usual, this is just my observation of this subject. This subject being about letting nature take its course, and in this instance, letting it take its course with child birth.
I think it’s getting more reasonable now, but for the last few years or so, it seems like just about everyone I know that was having a baby, had their doctors encourage them to either be induced or have a C- section just about the time the woman hit the 37 weeks gestation mark.
Sometimes there was a medical reason such as a breech baby, or other medical complications, but there were also way too many times, when the suggestion was made purely for convenience sake. Those are the instances that I am writing about, do not agree with, and have to say, please, just let nature take its course!
Ask just about any woman at 36 or 37 week into their pregnancy if she is ready to have the baby, and almost all of them will say absolutely YES, GET IT OUT OF ME!! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be done carrying around that extra weight as soon as possible.
Okay, I know that there are women out there that actually like being pregnant, (my mother, who bore 11 children, for one.) but most women are tired of being pregnant and are ready to have their baby by around the end of their 8th month so, of course they are going to agree if a doctor tells them that it’s perfectly fine to proceed with getting the baby out earlier than their original due date.
They schedule the date to come to the hospital to be induced, give them the epidural so that they don’t feel the pain of the Pitocin (the dreaded Pit drip!), and the woman can basically sit back, hold a normal conversation with those around her and wait for the baby to arrive with very little pain. Sounds pretty easy, but the truth is that it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, after hours at the hospital, the little baby doesn’t come out at scheduled, (imagine that!), and then after all that time, they send the woman home and set up another day to try it again! Seriously!!
Hopefully the baby makes its own appearance when it is done and ready, but if they don’t, then back to the hospital the woman goes to be induced again! After all of that, you hope that the baby is born naturally, but even after all of that, they sometimes still have to perform an emergency C-section.
This all seems completely crazy to me, and I feel that I can speak of the above scenario as I watched it happen with my first granddaughter 6 years ago. Yes, they induced my daughter 2 times before my granddaughter was finally born, and then when she was born, she wasn’t breathing, and had a host of other complications which kept her in the infant intensive care unit for the first 3 days of her life.
Let me tell you that it is pretty difficult to bond with a baby that is hooked up to monitors and wired for sound. Luckily, she is perfectly healthy today, but I still believe that she had the complications due to being forced out of the womb before it was naturally time for her to come out.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I know that this is not as common anymore, and the doctors do not force inducing of a healthy pregnancy before a woman hits 39 weeks, but they can still encourage it at that time. Again, I have to question, why? Why when everything is fine, is there a need to induce? The baby will come out when it is ready, and if there are no complications, we need to leave them in the womb until nature says that their lease up and it’s time to enter the world.
Back when I was having babies, (come on now, you had to know that I was going to go here) your doctor gave you a due date. If your due date was the 15th, they would tell you that you could expect to have the baby anywhere from the 1st to the 30th. That was common and you just expected it and lived with it, and unless there were complications, you didn’t get the option to have the baby on the 15th. God knows you wanted to be the one to have your baby anywhere from the 1st to the 15th, and prayed that you didn’t go all the way to the 30th, but sometimes you did.
God forbid you had to be induced back then, as you only got the Pitocin, which was pretty much awful as they didn’t give you an epidural to numb you so you felt every bit of that incredible pain. You definitely didn’t talk while you were in labor either, well, yes you did, but generally those were four letter words that you screamed out, while cursing your husband for getting you in this mess to begin with… But, I digress.
Most of the times in the past, (and I hopefully going forward), babies came into the world when THEY were ready, not when the doctors or the women were ready. Nature is funny like that, it knows when it’s time, and I am pretty sure that there has never been an incidence of a child growing up in the womb, so let’s get back to letting nature take its course, and letting the little ones enter the world when they are done cooking.

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  1. Agree 1000%! I am glad Olivia was healthy but I felt soooo guilty having to do my CSection!