Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Minute with Meg

I have never had a Face book account. I never felt the need for one, and was always leery of some of the things that those who have those accounts would tell me about their Face booking experiences.

 After listening to them, I didn’t understand why I would want to tell people, friends or acquaintances, at any given time, what I was eating, when and with whom. Nor, did I really want to know that about anyone else, and from what they would tell me, it sounded like everyone was stating that they had an awesome mate, kids and life. Really… always?? Come on!

 I might be wrong about this, but I have a hard time believing that this is an accurate portrayal of what is really going on in people’s lives out there, based on my own lives experiences and talking to real people. I thought that it must make everyone else who may have been honest with how their lives were unwinding feel that they were somehow inferior to the fake lives postings on Face book.

 I am by nature a fairly private person who only shares things about myself with a small group of people, and then it is still not as detailed as what I am doing at any given moment in the day, so when I started to think about writing a blog about things that I was passionate about, (including the above statement about making people feel bad about themselves due to not so honest postings), I did so with apprehension and nervousness, but it was something I felt that I needed to do.

You see, I am also a very creative person, who loves to write, correction, needs to write.

 It started with a diary when I was just old enough to write, (still have that little red diary) and continued with journals, poems, songs, you name it; if it crossed my mind with any sense of passion, then I had to write about it, good or bad.

 Writing is my release from all of my emotions good to bad, all of my experiences, happy to sad, and chronicles of not only my life, but those around me as well. Usually my writings are kept to myself, for just me, so when I decided to start my blog; it was due to an overwhelming need that came from somewhere deep within me that urged me to share my writings.

Very scary stuff for a private person like me. Share my inner most thoughts on everything from my views on society to nature, with people I don’t even know? Oh My!

It was going to be a big step to say the least. What if no one read it? What good would that be, and how would I be helping anyone if no one read it, or worse, if they did read it, but didn’t like it. GULP!

Doing good for others was the feeling that got me started to want to write a blog to begin with, so that fear of not helping anyone due to lack of readers, kept me from proceeding with this goal for quite a while, but then one day, BAM, out of nowhere, I just went for it. I set up my page, and published my first article titled free. I had written it more than a year earlier, but the contents still applied, so it became my Guinea pig.

 I felt accomplished that I had gotten that far and past my fear that no one might ever even read it or like it. I was going to go through with this even if no one read it. (Here’s to you Mom- Give that IF a jolly good biff and set it stiff in the corner! Thank you!)

 I asked my sister, who is an avid reader, to read it and review my blog. She did and loved it. Now I know that she might be partial, but I continued on with adding more and more articles. She continued giving me feedback on each one, each time stating that she liked them and they were really good stuff. Thank you Laura!

 All I had really hoped for is that the passion that I felt for each article written would come through to the reader. That is all I still care about when I write.

 If I can help shed the light on something, make someone feel better and not so alone in a struggle they may be going through, laugh and maybe look at something in a different way, then I feel that I have done what I felt the need to do with each article.

 My number of followers on my blog are still small, and I know that some of my writings are pretty deep reading, but some things just need to be said, so I will continue on this journey in hopes of making this world, or at least someone’s world just a little better, one article at a time.


  1. Never do anything based on what other's may say or think. (ha easier said then done I know) We are the ultimate ones who benefit or pay for our choices, so we should never allow what other's say or think inhibit us! You have always been someone I have looked up to since I met you 10 yrs ago! I am so proud of you starting your blog! I agree that it is always important to admit your struggles along with your joys with others. You can see my struggles along with my biggest joys posted on Facebook and when I talk to others face to face. It is important we learn from each other!

  2. When I was at my blogging conference this past weekend we talked a lot about Influence and using it for good. You are right...sometimes (most times) people only post the pretty stuff. But I think it's so important to post the real, raw and emotional stuff. We also talked about the number of readers you have and one blogger said, "If I only have 12 readers, then my influence lies with those 12 readers". Growth is important, but so is keeping it real :) And I think you are right on the money!